stf-adjSTF-Adj: Adjustable Filler Head

This filler head eliminates the need for the operator to add or subtract rubber gaskets to properly set the acid level in batteries. The operator simply threads the main body of the filler head up or down against the stainless steel fill tubes, making the task of filling batteries quicker and cleaner. This filler head will now fill the majority of batteries without switching heads.

stf-ctstf-ct2STF-CT: Charge Tray

For filling and charging batteries.
This tray collects battery acid which may spill over from the battery during charging process. The perforated lid lifts off and when turned on, the battery filler can be used to suck up any spilled acid.  This tray will save counter tops, tables and floors from the destructive effects of acid.  The tray is made of polyethylene and measures 33″x 18″x 2-1/4″

STFMCSTFMC: Motorcycle Battery Filler Head

The STFMC filler head is used to fill the small, clear case motorcycle batteries.  It is constructed of high-impact, non-corrosive polyethylene PVC. While included with the STF9000++ Battery Acid Pump, it can be ordered along with the STF-YV 2-Head Splitter Valve to adapt the Safe-T-Fill 9000 Battery Filler for easier filling of smaller size batteries.

GS-10GS-10 Filler Head Gasket Set

Filler gaskets tend to harden and wear out after repeated usage. The GS-10 Filler Head Gasket Set includes 6 laminated foam gaskets as well as 4 hard rubber dura-prem gaskets and offers quick availability when replacements are required.

STFMC-gasketsSTFMC: Motorcycle Filler Gasket Set

These are replacement gaskets for the motorcycle battery filler head.

STF-YVSTF-YV 2-Head Splitter Valve

This valve is included with the STF 9000++ Battery Acid Pump but can be ordered along with the STFMC filler head to adapt the Safe-T-Fill 9000 Pump for easier filling of regular or smaller size batteries with a simple flip of the switch.

STF31-47STF31 and STF47 Filling KitsSTF Large

The STF31 and STF47 kits have five cell plugs attached together with vinyl tubing and stainless steel screws, and a red vinyl tube cap.  These kits assist in the filling of Group 31 and 47 batteries which have a common vent connecting the cells.

STF-LODC Low Profile Drum Caddy

The STF-LODC  low-profile drum caddy can help reduce injuries due to manually lifting and moving drums. Can be used with  55 US gallon (200 litre) or 30 US gallon drums. The removable handle also serves as a drum grip, a bung nut wrench and seal remover.

Two 2 inch wide 6 inch wheels and one 3 inch swivel caster. Sturdy steel construction with yellow painted finish.