The SAFE-T-FILL 9000



The Safe-T-Fill 9000 is an air operated vacuum filling machine and is constructed of high impact, non-corrosive Polyethylene, P.V.C. and the highest grade stainless steel. This vacuum filler was designed for filling automotive and industrial lead acid batteries.

The single head system is easy to use and is absolutely spill free, making it one of the most efficient battery filling machines on the market.  The Safe-T-Fill 9000 is very reliable with only two moving parts—the control valve and the air inlet shut-off valve.  Both or these valves need little or no maintenance.  Our system will transform a constant aggravation and potential hazard into an efficient, safe, cost effective battery filling method.

The Safe-T-Fill 9000 is affordably priced and is a must even for low volume users.


  • Safe-T-Fill 9000 is vacuum operated therefore electrolyte is never under pressure
  • Will not fill batteries that have damaged or leaking cases
  • Easy to use – safe and spill free
  • Very reliable with only two moving parts
  • Constructed of high impact non-corrosive polyethylene, P.V.C and the highest grade stainless steel
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Unique JMAC control valve automatically drains overflow reservoir
  • JMAC silencer reduces noise and never needs replacing
  • Optional electrolyte pick-up tubes allow you to use a variety of source containers

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Download STF9000 Operating Procedure (Eng)